• Daryl MacLean


    Daryl MacLean, JD, MA, LPCC, RPT practices Client Centered Experiential Somatic Play Therapy, trained under the close supervision of Melissa Weterlund, MA, LP, LMFT, RPT-S, a founding partner of Watershed Psychological Services. While Play takes on many looks across the modality, this non-directive form is ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 10, giving them a way to process, to voice, their pains and struggles along with recognizing the joys and growth opportunities that come fast and frequently as children move through the various developmental stages of healthy living.

    Daryl strongly believes that you cannot take a 5-year-old and set them on the therapy couch and throw traditional talk therapy at them. However, children have an amazing capacity to process, to engage with their stuff, they will and do tell you what is going on, they just use the language of play to do so. Given a proper environment which we call a playroom, and a well-trained therapist in the room, children have what they need, and the best opportunity for therapeutic growth.

    Daryl’s therapeutic orientation is in the family of Emotionally Focused practices, of which Play is one of the manifestations. Daryl’s goal for his clients is that by the end of their therapeutic journey they too believe that feelings are neither right nor wrong, they just are, and hopefully with the tools to hold them no matter their weight.

    Daryl is also a practicing attorney and member of the Minnesota State Bar in good standing since 1995. He is an Estate Planning attorney with an office in downtown Delano, Minnesota, right around the corner from Delano Play Therapy, PLLC.

    As followers of Christ, Daryl and his wife believe it is important to worship within a community of like-minded believers, and Riverwood Covenant Church in Rockford where they are members is a place where the Bible is honored as inerrant and the resurrection of Christ is celebrated.

    Those who know Daryl understand that he enjoys the serenity of fence mending, and the joy of a clean horse stall. He believes that success, in both business and in life, is linked to self-awareness and the bonds you nurture with others.