• Darcy Roeser

    MA, OTR/L

    With over 20 years of occupational therapy experience and first hand knowledge of raising neurodiverse children, I offer a unique and innovative approach to pediatric and adult occupational therapy. At the start of the therapy process, I complete a thorough and detailed evaluation, enabling me to gain a comprehensive understanding of my client’s strengths and challenges. Utilizing a variety of proven therapy techniques and quick strategies, I believe in practicality and offer home and lifestyle ideas to integrate into daily activities. In every pediatric session, I include parent coaching to empower parents with the necessary tools and strategies to support their child’s progress. In every adult session, I include accountability strategies to improve follow through in building new skills.

    What sets me apart is my track record of success in working with my clients and their families who have exhausted their options and struggled to find significant changes elsewhere. As stated by Dr. Ross Greene in Lost at School: “Challenging behavior occurs when the demands and expectations being placed upon a person outstrip the skills he has to respond adaptively.” I take pride in my role as a detective, meticulously identifying demands and expectations that surpass the client’s current skillset. By doing so, I am able to offer the necessary skills or modifications to empower them to respond to those demands and expectations. As a specialist, I am dedicated to providing support across all ages, whether you are well-informed about your situation or feeling lost and concerned. I am here to help address various areas that you may be seeking assistance with, including autism, ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing, neurodiverse support, school challenges, friendship and social concerns, learning difficulties, behavior challenges, and developmental concerns. No matter your specific needs, I am committed to offering guidance and expertise to help you navigate your concerns.